The hypothesis was correct. The most green and sustainable way to charge an iPod is solar power. This is based an alternative from the electric company and the efficiency of the solar panel. The American Made Solar Panel takes two hours to charge an iPod to full capacity. The price is only $15 and it lasts longer than your iPod and comes with all sorts of connectors and tips to charge other devices as well. Right behind the American Made Solar Charger is the Hymini Wind and Solar charger because it has two possible charging possibilities with an optional hand crank. Although it is rather expensive. The Dynamo Hand Crank charger was cheap, and that’s how it felt also. It was very weak and kept skipping that was fixable. The Lemon and Voltaic Pile can potentially charge an iPod, but they are pretty impracticable. The Voltaic Pile working best, always a fun experiment, but frustrating.

                My findings can help those who want to go green, but don’t have the money or time to do it. By simply charging your portable devices, such as mp3 players, with green clean energy. For $15, others can make a difference. Our electronic gadgets already account for 15% of our power consumption. If we all took this step, think of the pollution that would not be created, and all of the Environmentally Friendly benefits. The Energy Star Qualified Apple is making their products greener than ever, now we have to do our part. iPod is the bestselling brand of mp3 players, green is the new trend. Why not combine them?

                Some problems that I encountered during the Science Project was that certain charging ways would not charge a dead iPod. Instead of charging dead iPods, the iPod was charged for 10 minutes in the wall and then charged from the products. After retrieving the audio playback, the average ten minutes of audio playback was subtracted from the total. Also, the lemon battery’s voltage was almost nothing at one point, but then a short circuit was detected by lemon juice and it was dried and fixed. Lastly, the Hand Crank would not charge the iPod directly because of the different voltage output and input. Therefore, the hand crank was charged to a rechargeable battery and then the rechargeable battery to the iPod. This was a fun experiment but next time I would focus on the best wind generators and solar panels to charge portable devices.