If Solar Power, Hand Cranking, Voltaic Pile Charging, Lemon Battery Charging, Wind Charging, and AC Charging were all used to charge an iPod, Solar power would be the most green and sustainable way to charge an iPod. Sustainability is the idea of reusing things to save money, the environment, and to benefit you in all needs. The solar panel is ¼ the price of the Hymini Wind Generator. This harnesses the sun’s power and stores it until need. Sun is always there and will be there during the day when you need it. For only $10, this charger is sustainable and green because it does not give off pollution and uses renewable energy. The second best green way to charge your iPod would be Wind Power. Harnessing the Earth’s Natural energy, wind power is one of the most eco-friendly power sources, although, there is not always a breeze of up to 14 mph outside to crank this generator up. Using the first made and one of the only mini wind chargers in the world, the Hymini charger is priced at a range of $50, including adapters. Made out of recycled plastic, this charger has a rechargeable battery that can be used over again that does not produce any pollution and is witch shipped in recycled cardboard. Although this may be better for others, it costs a little too much for your sustainability. Sitting there cranking a Hand Crank Charger would take two long even though it only costs $3.33 to buy. You can use it for the rest of your iPods life also which makes this the third most green and sustainable way to charge an iPod. The Dynamo Hand Crank Generator also does not give off any pollution but is not as convenient for us to use. The voltaic pile is a great cheap way to charge your iPod also, but it takes a while to set up. Cutting out small discs of paper is not sustainable and green, unless it’s recycled! Altogether this Battery would cost you, at the bargain internet price, about $10. You can reuse the parts but for the same price the solar generator is guaranteed safe, reliable voltage. The lemon battery would not be as eco-friendly because you are using 3 lemons and they may not be reused or be put in compost. Although it is a quick way to charge you iPod, the lemon charger would only cost about $8 saying that washers and lemons are $.15 and alligator jumper cables are $5.00 for 14 the first charge. Then, about $1 for the additional charges is the cost of the lemons. It is one of the cheapest, but pollution is being made traveling to the stores with cars to go retrieve the required materials. The AC charger produces pollution which is bad for the environment. This is the most convenient way to charge your iPod but not the greenest. When talking about AC, the power comes from a supplier which usually uses coal or oil to produce electricity, which sends pollutants into the atmosphere. Based on research, prior knowledge, and carbon footprints, I think that the most green and sustainable way to charge an iPod is with solar power.